Below is some of my non-academic writing!

In 2000, Columbia ran out of space to store its books. 18 years later, I make my way to a massive book warehouse somewhere in New Jersey.

Reflecting on the patterns that have followed me through my life thus far.

The Blue and White Magazine

Don't take all the advice that you see engraved in stone.

The Ear Podcast

In the first episode of The Ear, the podcast I started on Columbia's history, I investigate why the sundial on Columbia's campus can't tell time.

The Eye Magazine

How do you represent a necessarily fractured movement with a unified account? Skylar Fetter, Grace Holleman and I tried to by telling four, which is at least closer to 1000 than one.

The Eye Magazine

Columbia finally got a new website, after waiting far, far too long.

The Eye Magazine

Do Columbia's Global Centers have a clear purpose?

With Jesse Chase-Lubitz, I take a look at the tunnels running underneath Columbia.

The Eye Magazine

A meditation on grafitti in dorm rooms.

How do we create an ordered space that can at once curate and organize knowledge while accommodating the millions of books in Columbia's collections?

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