Kara Schechtman

Hi! My name is Kara, and I am currently an MPhil candidate in Philosophy at Trinity College Dublin, where I am studying on a Mitchell scholarship. I recently graduated from Columbia University with a double major in Computer Science and English. After my master's, I hope to enter a PhD program studying the philosophy of artificial intelligence.

At Columbia, I am a recently-retired a reporter and editor for The Eye Magazine of the Columbia Daily Spectator (my most recent project was The Ear Podcast — subscribe!) and a senior advisor for Lean In at Columbia (previously co-president). Over my summers, I've interned at Google (on News Corpus and CloudSearch) and YouTube (on YouTube Mix), and worked as a research assistant in the Columbia Speech Lab.

In my free time, I can be found working my way through the cover story of a six month old New Yorker, listening to the entirety of This American Life's archive, and developing barely-competencies in assorted hobbies (currently: ASCII art).

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